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Updated January 22, 2005

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Exclusive Licensee

Norlin Mark III
International 2.4mR Class


Sales and Information::
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Stamford, CT 16906 USA

Phone: +1 888.24.METER or +1 203.327.7414
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Hours: 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM Eastern time
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The Norlin Mark III, an International 2.4mR Class boat designed by Peter Norlin of Sweden, is in new production in both the United States and Argentina.

The Norlin Mark III is exclusively marketed and sold in the Americas by Gavia Yachts East. It is available in South America through our builder/distributor Meter Yachts SRL, City Bell, ARGENTINA.

Gavia Yachts East, Incorporated

Gavia Yachts was established in 1992 and introduced the Norlin Mark III to North America in Michigan City, IN in August 1992. Gavia Yachts is the exclusive licensee of the Norlin Mark III in North America, Central America and South America. We are based in Stamford, CT, with our business and sales office in Stamford, CT. We exclusively produce and sell the Norlin Mark III for the Americas and provide unsurpassed service to support the needs of our customers’.

We have maintained a very high standard of quality and customer service since our establishment in 1992. With our production facility in Argentina through Meter Yachts SRL, we can assist our South American customers quicker and easier. Contact Meter Yachts SRL .

Gavia Yachts has supported US 2.4mR Class Association by providing boats for many sailors to race in US 2.4mR Regattas. They include an accomplished open water racer, an Olympic Silver Medalist, a coach for the US Boardsailing team, a sailor in his seventies, a number of Star Class sailors, plus other World Class sailors. Due in part to our support, the US 2.4mR Class Association is currently showing increased interest and growth. Gavia Yachts has been a major contributor to the new Canadian 2.4mR Class Association and the local fleet in Toronto, Canada.

We are equally proud to support the new NECSC (New England Competitive Sailing Center) located at the Brewer Yacht Haven Marina, the foot of Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT.  This new Sailing Center is focused on coaching and training competitive sailors to become more familiar with their boats and ready them for all types of sailing competitions, including the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, China.  Click link to find out more about the NECSC.

Norlin Mark III Description

This single-handed one-design boat is one of the most exciting, fastest growing keel boat classes ever sailed. Winning in this sophisticated, affordable Meter Boat depends solely on your skill and tactics, not your physical ability. You are the skipper, the tactician and the crew. The Norlin Mark III can be sailed equally by male and female, young and old, able bodied and physically challenged sailors. Being a fixed keel boat with positive flotation it is virtually uncapsizable and will float if swamped.  However, in the true spirit of Meter Rule Yachts, it has inherited a superb competitive spirit and is exciting and demanding - making it perfect for fleet and match racing. If you have outgrown dinghy sailing, or the complexities of finding crew, maintenance and storage costs that accompanies larger yachts has become undesirable, you will find the Norlin Mark III is your answer to racing or recreational sailing.

The Norlin Mark III was named SailingWorld's 1994 One Design Boat of the Year. The Norlin Mark III has won all International and National 2.4mR regatta's in this decade. It represents about 95% of the active racing fleet.


International 2.4mR Class Norlin Mark III

LOA: 13' 8"; Beam- 2' 8"; Draft - 3'3"; Displacement - 572 #;
Hull weight - Approximately 143 #; Removable ballast - Approximately 400 #; Sail area - 81 sq. ft.

Designed by the renowned Swedish naval architect, Peter Norlin, the Norlin Mark III adheres to the International Meter Rule and is part of the elite class of meter yachts, measuring in at 2.4 meters. It is a single-handed meter boat adaptable to many types of sailors. Older and younger, female and male, inexperienced to experienced, able-bodied and disabled.

The Norlin Mark III is an extremely versatile boat. It enables skippers of various sizes, experience levels and physical abilities the opportunity to master its sophisticated sail controls. The ballasted fixed keel, bilge pump and positive flotation make ti almost impossible to capsize and sink. As a meter boat, the Norlin Mark III has inherited a superior competitive spirit. It is challenging for the competitor while rewarding to the less experienced sailor.

Ready for shipment!

New boat ready for delivery

Why hassle with big boats and crew? ? ?

The Norlin Mark III 2.4mR is your perfect keelboat. Because of its size and weight it is easy to transport. It is sailed from inside the cockpit with all its sail controls literally at your fingertips, including the auto-launch whisker pole.

Get back to the fun . . .

If you ever sailed a single-handed boat, you’ve felt the wonderful freedom of sailing on your own. You probably learned more from that boat than any other, and sailed in fleets where there were just as many boats as sailors on the water. This is sailing at its simple, wonderful best..

Most single-handed boats have centerboards, not keels, and are either weight sensitive and/or physically demanding. As we grow older we move away from these boats, and sailing becomes more complex and more expensive. We spend more time organizing and less time sailing. The Norlin Mark III brings back the best of sailing and racing. Imagine yourself and a few friends on the water -- each in your own boat. You’ve picked a few buoys to round, and the race is on. Before long you’re absorbed by the tactics and sail trim. You hear the water rushing by, and the good-natured ribbing from the other skippers as you hit a wind shift perfectly and cross in front of the fleet. After the racing your hands move like boats as you discuss the moves that gained or lost places for you on the course. You’re a kid again, and you’ve rediscovered racing in its purist form.

Returning to port after a day's racing

No boat can teach you more . . .

Because of its size and sophisticated sail controls, a Norlin Mark III is a great tool for teaching both fundamental and advanced sailing skills. It reacts as any keelboat does to sail trim and wind, only quicker. Every movement of the rudder or a sail trim control commands the boat to an instant response - there is no "wait time" for a reaction. You immediately feel the reaction and can make another adjustment to tune the boat on an even finer course or correct the mistake.

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