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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The Norlin Mark III
International 2.4mR Racing Sailboats -

What are they??
-- A sailor's great equalizer!!

-- A Boat for Every One!!

These tactical, technical, fast, single handed, lead ballasted keel sloops are part of an elite class of meter boats. They are exciting to sail, very competitive to race, and offer loads of FUN. They are sailed equally by many water sports enthusiasts regardless of age, gender and physical ability. Each sailor competes on the same level playing field - more than ever previously available.

The Norlin Mark III 2.4mR is 13 feet 8 inches long. It is easily handled, trailered, launched and stored. They are designed for competitive sailing, falling under broad technical and class administration of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the International 2.4mR Class Association. The class has been recognized by the ISAF (formerly the IYRU) since 1993.

Because these boats do not require excessive strength and hiking is not required (nor permitted), a very broad spectrum of sailors sail competitively. In fact, the 1995 and 1996 2.4mR World Champions were together at the 1996 ISAF meeting in the UK. One is able bodied and the other uses a wheelchair. This shows that sailing ability is the key to winning in this boat, rather than physical ability. With a Norlin Mark III, a sailor’s personal dedication and determination to compete can overcome obstacles inherent in other sailboat designs.

1. Question - How long is a 2.4mR boat? Is it 2.4 meters long?
Answer -
A 2.4mR boat is approximately 13’ 8" long. The 2.4 designation refers to the class and measurement rule to which it is designed and built. Not its length.

2. Q - How much does a 2.4mR boat weigh?
A -
It weighs about 550 pounds, including 400 pounds of removable lead ballast. It is light enough to trailer behind a small vehicle. With the ballast removed it can even be car topped. The hull weighs about 150 pounds and can be lifted by two people.

3. Q - How many are required for the crew of a 2.4mR boat?
- One! The 2.4mR class boat is single-handed. The entire boat can be made ready for sailing in less than 30 minutes by one person, including stepping the mast. No more hassles of finding a crew for racing - you are it!

4. Q - Where can I see a 2.4mR boat?
A -
There are a number of active fleets in the United States including: St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL; Stamford, CT, Bangor, ME, East Harbor, ME, Mooresville, NC, and the Toledo, OH area. Fleet activity is steadily increasing. Any 2.4mR owner will be proud to demonstrate the boat and explain the benefits of ownership and joining in the local 2.4mR fun. An active race schedule is planned for 2001 and 2002. Call for additional information.

5. Q - How many boats are in the fleet?
A -
The US fleet has approximately 40 boats and the world fleet is in excess of 600. It is not uncommon to see of 25 or more at regatta starting lines in Europe. Nearly 100 registered at the 1999 World Championships in Marstrand, Sweden, and almost 70 registered for the 2000 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia.  

6. Q - What is the price of a 2.4mR boat?
A -
Purchase price of a new boat is approximately $8,000.00. Specific quotes are available upon request. Used boat prices vary around $4,000 to 5,000.00 based on their age, equipment and condition. Click here for prices of options.

7. Q - Where can I buy a 2.4mR boat?
A -
Gavia Yachts East is the exclusive builder and seller in the Americas. Located in Rye, NY, and Stamford, CT, we can be reached toll free at +1.888.24 METER or direct dial at +1.203.327.7414, by fax at +1.203.327.3193, or by e-mail for sales and information.

Used boats are available through private owners and the US 2.4mR Class Association. Contact John Kruger,US 2.4mR Class President, by telephone at +1. 973.746.9717, or e-mail , or David Schroeder, US 2.4mR Class Secretary, at 1.305.598.2329 or e-mail .

8. Q - I am a sailor, 60 years old, weigh over 200 pounds and I am not as mobile as I once was! Can I really compete in the 2.4mR class?
A -
Absolutely! The 2.4mR boat is suited to your description and capabilities. By design, weight is not a factor in winning or losing and you can compete with and challenge the experts. One contestant in a recent North American Championship was over 75 years young, with others over the age of 60. Age, size and physical condition are not the standards for successful and enjoyable sailing and racing in a 2.4mR boat. It is suitable for all age and skill levels and is actively raced by people with many forms of physical limitations. It is a boat you can continue to grow into.

9. Q - Can a beginning sailor handle a 2.4mR boat?
A -
The boat is a great training tool for beginners. Interactions with the elements (wind, water and sails) is readily apparent in this fully ballasted, high tech racer.

10. Q - What can I learn from sailing a Norlin Mark III?
A -
Many people believe that there is nothing that cannot be learned or improved upon by sailing a Norlin Mark III. Since you are the skipper, the tactician and the crew, every decision is yours to make, and yours to execute. If you make a mistake - you know instantly as the boat reacts to your action. When you do the right thing - the reward is an instantaneous positive reaction. And possibly winning the race or regatta. Each time you sail you will learn something new or improve on an already established skill.

11. Q - Is the 2.4mR boat FAST?
A -
Speed in a displacement sailboat is determined by length, type, and wind velocity. The design of the 2.4mR boat produces a long water line in proportion to its overall length. This in turn allows for higher "speed" potential. As the boat is technically advanced in design, construction and rig, finding and improving upon the ultimate "speed" of the individuals boat is what it is all about. As we tell all sailors new to the Class, with your eyes and ears so near to the water - "you have no idea how slow you are going".

12. Q - Will the boat sink if it is swamped?
A -
The boat is designed to have positive flotation when filled with water. The flotation of each boat is inspected and observed when the vessel is originally measured. It is, however, the responsibility of each owner to insure that their boat has the proper flotation. Each boat is equipped from the factory with a manual bilge pump. An optional electric bilge pump is also available.

13. Q - How wet is the 2.4mR when sailed?
A -
The answer to this question becomes another question - How aggressively do you sail? The more aggressive you are while sailing or racing, the wetter the ride becomes. However, the built-in bilge pump easily eliminates any excess water.

14. Q - The 2.4mR boat looks delicate! Will it withstand hard use?
A -
The boat is well designed and solidly built of reinforced fiberglass and should not be considered delicate. But, as with any type of boat, docks and seawalls are stronger and can inflict damage. Normal care must be exercised whenever a boat is operated. The boat is designed to be actively sailed and raced. When provided with reasonable care and maintenance, it should provide an investment for many fun filled years of racing and sailing.

15. Q - Must I belong to a sailing or yacht club to race in the class?
A -
NO! The class is not associated with any sailing or yacht club and is open to all people interested in the goals of the class, either as a participating (owner) or an associate (non-owner), or temporary member (single race participant). Yearly dues are collected by the Class Association and are currently a modest $75.00, $50.00, or $25.00. To continue the promotion of United States sailing it is suggested that each Class member also become a member of US Sailing, the United States coordinating group of sail boat racing.

16. Q - What level of competition can I expect in the 2.4mR Class?
A -
The class has drawn sailors form all age groups and skill levels ranging from America’s participants to novices. The Class is very competitive and the 2.4mR boat is an excellent platform for ANYONE to improve their sailing and racing skills through close "One Design" competition in a technically advanced, ballasted, single handed keel boat. Most regatta’s have different participants who may are men and women, youth and senior, skilled and learning, World and National Class sailors. REMEMBER - the only crew to blame is yourself in a 2.4mR boat.

17. Q - Can the boat be launched from a ramp?
A -
Yes - With a suitable submersible trailer or dolly and good launching surface the boat can be launched and retrieved. When traveling to regatta’s the boat is simple to trailer behind almost any type of vehicle. It is also simple to rig and launch. Your enjoyment remains with sailing, not preparation.

18. Q - What types of sails are required?
A -
The Class calls for only a main and jib. Even thought the boat will support a spinnaker, sanctioned Class racing does not allow its use. The International Class is now experimenting with a 95% jib to replace the 110% currently specified. Evaluations will continue through the current racing season. Many sail-makers have produced effective racing sails. The choice of a sail-maker should include their ability to relate to your needs and specific requirements and their recommendations to achieve maximum performance for your boat.


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